Water and Health

Water and Health
Water is not only for humans, but for all living things and life. is a matter of life. The human body is approximately
Water is an indispensable necessity for human beings. I’m URL. In order to maintain the vitality of human beings
liters of water. Of course, the amount of water required for human qualitative is also important. Physical, chemical or biological water, which gives life to people, it can lead to illness and even death. What is this Water protection for people with adequate water  water safety (clean water).
Providing nature with the required quantity and quality of water for human is very generous. The world’s water cycle (this-concentration and concentration), with an excellent mechanism keeps the amount of water constant in the world. Again nature, polluted water-yu cleaning capacity. However, capitalist production style of the world dominated, these balances began to deteriorate.
Indifferent to nature, industrialization and capitalist agricultural practices threatens water resources; causes. On the one hand, while the water cycle is disrupted, On the other hand, the world’s heavily polluted water The capacity to work is challenging. All this negative developments, infecting us with water in everyday life diseases and health problems caused by polluted waters as the output.
Certainly, science and technology help us overcome these problems. polluted waters with modern techniques, human health can be removed from harmful physical, chemical and biological agents. Inhibitory. However, the current stage of capitalism neoliberal globalization, a new pollution to these known types of pollution
The type of pollution has added more: Community pollution.  There are two main agents that pollute water socially.
d> r. These are the special features that have become widespread with neoliberal globalization.
These are marketing and marketing agents. These agents are
directly on the water quality (quantity) and water safety (quality).
and indirectly causing health problems.
The Impact of Social Pollution Agents on Health Privatization and marketisation first by threatening people in their daily lives.  They prevent them from supplying the amount of water they hear. It cannot provide daily drinking and potable water as needed. when people do not have access to drinking water; life, while accessing enough domestic water in the case of breast, can not provide personal hygiene and they face various health problems.
These agents also threaten water safety. This problem will be illustrated in detail below. nowadays only the peoples of the countries that have been threatens even the peoples of the most developed countries. alm> flt> r. Leaving water security to market mechanisms, water in countries that privatize water with frequent outbursts. disease outbreaks, especially being the Third World countries millions of people around the world. and lose their lives.
According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, water-borne diseases every eight seconds or lack of access to adequate and clean water. Inhibitory. Again, the WHO resources one-quarter of the water needs, shows that they have not reached. These problems, again, the door. global warming and climate caused by the talist production style
due to the changes in tilde is. All these negativities threaten human health. water and health, more than ever. makes it up to date.  Impact of Social Pollution on Human Health
Example: Canada
In May 2000, a small town in Ontario The most tragic epidemic in Canadian history
One of them erupted. This population of less than 10 thousand
in the outbreak of the city, 2,300 people, or another
In other words, almost one out of four people became ill and
seven people lost their lives.