Socialization and Health

Socialization and Health

Socialization and Health

Looking at people through the microscope lens and looking for the secrets of life in the depths of our genes biomedical medicine, ignoring the social aspect of human medicine only with the body of the individual (biology). However, Aristotle was a great hit thousands of years ago. human being is a social animal by nature . Human social relations when isolated, it loses not only humanity but also health.

In recent years, a lot of research has been done on the role of social relations in health. This researches the quality of social support, social relations and quantity, the important role on the health and well-being of feeling lonely and isolated have shown that the game.

In fact, people have been aware of this fact for centuries, but unfortunately this information and not for good, but for evil. Social isolation today it is quite common as a method of t orture, especially in prisons. Subject to social isolation physical and mental problems occur in a short time in people who are affected can reach up to.

Basic concepts

Social isolation is relative isolation from social relations. As the opposite of social integrity comprehensible (2). Social cohesion as a participation in a wide range of social relations It is described. Social life with the active participation of individuals who exhibited behavioral one component and individual as a part of society and

It has a cognitive component that it thinks has a defined role . When social support is mentioned, the societies provide individuals to cope with stress. understand psychological and material resources. Social support provides three are separated:

Instrumental support with financial support (financial aid, etc.) , Information support with guidance services to deal with problems , Emotional support that makes one feel safe. mechanisms Socio-biology, which deals with the biological basis of social behavior,and that good social relationships are important for evolutionary success.

Highlights. Low social status of individuals and lack of social relations cause stressand biological stress pathways cause many chronic diseases . Cortisol in response to stress and drop in blood glucocorticoid levels from the adrenal glands(corticotropin releasing hormone – CRH and adrenocorticotropic hormone – ACTHis a steroid hormone secreted under the control of the hypothalamusIncreases blood sugar, suppresses the immune system and carbohydrates, fat and protein helps metabolism. Increased cortisol under chronic stress in individuals metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, sarcopenia, visceral obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension, endothelium dysfunction), osteopenia and / or osteoporosis, sleep apnea, polycystic ovary syndrome, contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.


Income, education level and occupational variables as indicators of socio-economic position high socioeconomic status and strict social relations it was generally associated with low morbidity and mortality rates. On the other hand low chronic socioeconomic status of individuals with rich social relationships biological stress.

Capitalism makes people weak by atomizing and making them unable to resist exploitation It is also necessary to socialize against their efforts to protect and maintain health. Every new person you meet, more time with your friends and friends spending, organizing and fighting against atomization will add a lifetime to your life.