Capitalism and Health – Part 6

Capitalism and Health – Part 6

Capitalism and Health – Part 6

Therapeutic Health Services: Health services are part of the activity necessary for the reproduction of labor-power.
Regardless of the general health effects, living conditions or seasonal effects, health regeneration is carried out by health institutions ranging from occupational physicians to universities.

Treatment and care of occupational accidents and diseases are also carried out by these institutions. Specialized occupational disease institutions are almost non-existent.

The end of the execution of the treatment and health services by the State, university and private hospitals, and the attempt to organize them in the form of Public-Private Partnerships and Private Chain Health Institutions are based on the domination of the international capital from the doctor to the medicine, equipment and machinery.

The insurance premiums deducted from their wages are no longer için sufficient için in order to access health services, and workers must pay wages under the “examination, fee,“ drug contribution ”and“ contribution ”.
The fact that workers-laborers go to iz visit ında when they get sick, treatment, rest, rest are not dependent on the desire and initiative of the patient, but on the “will“ of the capitalist and his proxies. Once this stage is passed, it depends on the procedures of the doctor, polyclinic and hospital. If these procedures can be overcome, blood, x-rays and other diagnostic tools are necessary for diagnosis and diagnosis. If they can be overcome treatment, medicine, bed and so on. obstacles are faced. Among these, the obstacles related to the procedure laid down in the provisions of laws and regulations must be overcome. For example, you cannot apply for a second examination within 10 days for a disease of the same branch. Or it is not easy to diagnose s occupational disease inin for a worker suffering from silicosis, and disability pensions are a separate issue.

On the other hand, if we leave aside the grievances of the worker and the laborer due to the ignorance of laws, regulations and circulars, grievances due to medical terms and practices are also an important issue. While some of them show “Hutson bi, the Lord points to”.

In these relations, where the laws of the capital are valid, the “treatment and service” business with “prepaid invoice costs” is considered as a “debt” payment activity by the health service providers.